Read This Before You Buy Weapon And Uns. Set 95

Uns. set Chest + Weapon 95

Heaven Sword ————> Crus Weapon/Sword
Crusaders Shield ——–> Crus Shield lol xD
Bane Bow —————-> SS Bow (yeah rite…)
Judgment Shot ———–> SS Gun
Dreadful Dagger ———> Voyager Weapon
Aegis Sword ————-> Champ Weapon/Sword (My Favorit xD)
Redemption Staff ——–> Seal Master Weapon
Amulet Staff ————> Cleric weapon

Uns. Set Chest
The Box of Prowesss —–> Sharpshooter Uns. Set
The Box of Honor ——–> Crusader Uns. Set
The Box of Sacrifice —-> Champion Uns. Set
The Box of Justice ——> Voyager Uns. Set
The Box of Empathy ——> Cleric Uns. Set
The Box of Inspiration –> Seal Master Uns. Set

And NPC Mall for Uns. Set & Weapon 95 Located at Shaitan.
NPC Bukde Unsealed (898, 3568).